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We are a tribe of amazing women who's passion is getting healthy and teaching others about a chemical free lifestyle. 

Let us guide you on a healing journey like no other.  We are coaches,  mothers, partners and a friends who believes that we all need help and support to find our calling. When women have support, love and someone to cheer them on, we can become anything we desire. We teach women to dream and teach them how to attain all of those dreams. 

We are so passionate about the Natural Plant Powers of Therapeutic Essential Oils !

Did you know that only 2% of essential oils sold on the market are Therapeutic?

I, through my own healing journey, have learned so much using Therapeutic Essential Oils and am consistently surprised as I learn and experience their benefits each day and every day.

My life has been completely transformed …

Now I am teaching others  how to fall in love with themselves and their healthy Body, Mind and Spirit.

The Island Oil Sisters are here to coach and support you on your journey. 

We want to inspire you on your Health Journey. Call or message me today.  Heather Clark

"My life has changed for the better after Heather introduced me to Young Living. Teresa