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My Love Affair With Facebook

Posted on 31 January, 2017 at 10:50 Comments comments (3)

I am hearing so much about people leaving Facebook and I think to myself why would someone do that? I think there reasons are negativity and time drain. I don’t really get it.

I have created a Facebook page exactly like I have created my incredible life. I live in a bubble of awesomeness and that includes Facebook. Outside of Facebook I surround myself with positive, happy people. I walk away from drama and choose to see beautiful things and read inspiring books. My Facebook is the same. I don’t delete people who aren’t in alignment with me and my values but I sure do unfollow them. Deleting can turn into drama. So I don’t see what they post. I can always go back and start following them when their life and posts become more in alignment with me. They don’t know when I am not seeing their posts and I don't know or care if they don’t see mine.

I set up my Facebook so that every morning when I start to scroll down the feed I see incredibly positive quotes and posts, I watch positive healthy people have fulfilled fun lives and I get powered up. I don’t see the political posts or rants or toxic lifestyles. I just click the unfollow for now button.

I start my day with a cup of tea and a scroll through positivity and love. And then I check my Facebook messages and start my day. I know it can take time away so I try to be careful to set some boundaries and make sure my notification beeps are turned off; especially on my cell phone.

After I get some work done, to reward myself I do some more scrolling to get all filled up. When you set boundaries around time and whose posts you are seeing you can have a love affair with Facebook, too.

To all my positive awesome friends who are leaving Facebook, I am sad to see you go and hope that you make sure you find positivity somewhere else and if you come back to Facebook I look forward to sending you love messages.

Thanks Facebook for the love.

Heather Clark



Heather's Daily Routine:

Posted on 17 December, 2016 at 0:05 Comments comments (0)

There was a time not too long ago that I was curled up in a corner wanting to die. I had lost everything I owned, my marriage, my self-worth, my brain function, my ability to take care of myself and my most favorite attribute, my smile and ability to make others smile. It was only 10 years ago when this all happened. Although that was a very difficult time in my life, it really did make me the woman I am today and I am so grateful for that.

Today, I am more confident, healthy and happy than I have ever been in my life. I have found my purpose which is to make others smile. To help them find their purpose, and their passion in life. I wake up excited to support other people and remind them that their scars and pain are a blessing. I remind them that the miracles are right around the corner and I am grateful that that I have found a way to help others to see the light that shines inside of them.

My smile and confidence is all I need to succeed in this big world. I know that I don’t need letters behind my name or a big fancy job title. I had all of that and it didn’t make me happy. Here is what I need. I need a purpose, incredible friends and family, my pets, my children, and most of all the ability to look at myself in the mirror and love myself. This is what we all need. When we can do this we can start to heal our bodies.

When I started gaining my momentum with my self-esteem, I knew it was time for me to find healthy ways to heal my body. I always believe that my body could heal itself but I knew that I couldn’t just sit around and wait for it to happen. I had to be proactive. I had to listen to what it needed and make sure I was helping my body with natural products.

Today I take care of myself by waking up every morning and looking at myself in the mirror and reminding myself how awesome I am. That smile that helps others needs to start with smiling back at me, first. I know that I am here for a purpose and that is to help others. I know that in order to do that I need to take care of me first. I nourish my body with healthy food, walks in the forest, as little toxins as I can and great relationships.

Heather’s daily routine:

Wake up look in the mirror and smile and say I love you, Heather

Make a cup of green tea with essential oils and a healthy homemade shake (made with fruit, almond milk, spinach and an ounce of Ningxia Red.

Essential oils play a big part in my body’s ability to heal. I use them throughout the day, every day.

Check my Facebook and email messages. (And by the way, I have strategically set my Facebook page up so I only have incredible and loving things to read and see every day. Everything else is hidden)

Head out for a walk in the forest

The rest of the day is spent helping others as much as I possibly can and planning classes and tea dates with others to fill me up.

I plan what I can going to prepare for dinner for my family and try to do it all with love

I spend time with the ones I love.

I get enough sleep that my body needs (8-9 hours) (Thanks to my therapeutic oils I fall asleep fast and stay asleep)

Wake up and start all over again

Find what makes you sing. Use therapeutic oils to support your body systems so you don’t have to worry about illness. Make sure your circle of friends is supportive and amazing (I call them cheerleaders). And most of all find a way to love you. After all, you are amazing and if you don’t know it, then hang out with people who will remind you of that.




Above the Wellness Line Back to School and Work

Posted on 9 September, 2016 at 13:50 Comments comments (0)

Although I don’t have school aged children anymore I still feel like September is the start of a new year. We have been programmed that way with the school system and also with work. Everyone is on holidays or in holiday mode and that makes it hard to get things done. We also tend to skip meals or eat too many treats and too many cold drinks.


Once September starts up and we all gather at work or school where your family is going to be exposed to germs viruses and pathogens. We bring them home and because we spent the summer lowering our immune system by not eating healthy, and no routines we get the first bug that comes our way.

By the time the first week of back to school begins the bugs take over. If you can get yourself into a healthy routine you can stay above the Wellness Line and keep them from coming near you.

My husband drives a city bus. The school kids are all getting on his bus coughing and sneezing so he needs extra protection. As soon as Labour Day is done he starts every morning with a drop of Thieves oil. He drinks a healthy shake with NingXia Red and fruits and veggies and drinks lots of water. We eat a lot healthier too because we have a routine. I also make him a sanitzer spray to have with him at all times. 

How can you stay above the wellness line?

Well of course get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and exercise. But did you know that you can buy a Kit from Young Living that will help you stay above the wellness line? Luckily, Young Living currently has an amazing Starter Kit that you can buy that comes with 11 oils, a diffuser, and some extra supplies that all can be used for back to school! Plus, once you’ve adjusted to the new school year, the oils are useful all year round.

Lavender–In the classroom you can use lavender to soothe burns from hot glue guns at craft time, soothe any paper cuts or bumps, and even just diffuse to create a more relaxed and calm environment. At home it’s great for a restful night’s sleep when you have an important meeting the next day.

Peppermint– Peppermint works great at soothing and stopping the itch of bug bites leftover from summer and when diffused creates a fresh scent that helps for focus and waking up on those early school mornings. It also is great tummy oil. I love drinking it in my water for energy and tummy love.

Lemon- Lemon is great for in the kitchen, it also is perfect for the classroom and helps for focus as well. Keep lemon to clean up any sticky messes, wipe off sticky fingers, and dilute with water to clean off those marker boards that have been sitting dirty all summer.

Frankincense– Frank (as we call it for short) can help enhance moods and calm nerves that can be associated with your first day back at school, big tests, or even everyday nerves and worries. Also, if you’re a teacher or stressed out parent, try frank in some coconut oil or shea butter for a wrinkle cream to reduce those stress lines!

Copaiba– Copaiba is new to the starter kit and helps digestion and supports the body’s natural response to injury or irritation. It is also used in a lot of oil recipes and blends to enhance other oils (such as Wintergreen or Panaway). Use this oil as an additive to any “Ouchie” cream. Great for those of you getting back into a healthy exercise routine.

PanAway– This blend is one of my favorites and most used blends. Help those aching backs by rubbing some Panaway on their shoulders after long days of lugging around their backpacks and achy hands from writing too many essays. It is relaxing in the bath after a hard day at work or school.

Thieves– Thieves is an amazing blend of clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary that makes a great all-purpose cleaner for the home and classroom. Thieves supports healthy immune function as well, and works great when taken internally or diffused in the classroom or work area to prevent sick days. I make sure this is in my diffuser when I have company coming.

Purification– This blend is my favorite blend and when diffused helps freshen the air and eliminate odors. If it is still warm enough (it is here!) to play outside then apply Purification topically to enjoy the outdoors annoyance free. And it makes a great sports spray. No more bacteria and stink from my hubby's hockey gear. Hurray!

R.C.– This blend is another favorite (I think I say that about every oil!) that helps uplift and inspire, which makes it perfect for long school days and helps creative minds when working on tough projects. R.C. also helps promote a healthy respiratory system and anytime I am feeling stuffy I dab a drop under my nose!

Digize– This blend is perfect along with Copaiba for helping support a wellness regimen and digestive systems. Digize is a great additive to your water every morning and is a great dietary supplement.


Ready for a quiz? :)

Q: What essential oils are great for back to school?

A: All of them!

I can guarantee that is the easiest quiz you will have all year! Now who is ready to kick off this school and work year with natural and healthy solutions?!

Purchase your oil kit today. It's on SALE in Canada for the month of September.

Contact me and I am happy to tell you more about this amazing kit. 








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We all know asking for help is something we need to do more of but do we know how truly valuable it is to have someone in our lives who can do more than just listen?
Yesterday some “stuff” came up around my ex-husband who as you may know I have spent years releasing and healing from and as soon as I feel like the work is done I get thrown a little Universe SMACK to check in to see if I really have released him.

I had been doing some deep work around releasing him and any cords I have from him including any energy cords that may be from past lives. I needed to do this because I figured why else did ‘this’ stuff keep coming up. Maybe he was a child of mine in a previous life and that’s why I felt like I needed to protect or help him? Who know but it was working. I had let him go and life was going great until… I got home from holidays. My ex mom in law had a stroke and needed to be cared for. I wasn’t able to care for her as I came home from my holidays with a flu bug and so she asked her son. My first instinct was OH god! And then I thought to myself maybe he would be able to finally give back to his mom after all she had done for him. (Paying for several rehabs, cleaning his apartments after binges, searching for him when he would go missing in action, taking him to medical appointments and just being there through all the toxic craziness for over 50 years.)
The next day she called me to tell me he hadn’t shown up to relieve her girlfriend who had been looking after her for days. He was supposed to arrive in the morning. By 1:00 she finally got a hold of him and he was pissed drunk!

SMACK! Of course he was I thought. The anger brewed and brewed and when I saw how hurt my daughter was that her dad would do this to his mother I went into extreme anger mode. I wanted to phone him or even better drive the 2 hours and kick the shit out of him.  I was angry at myself for getting "fooled again by him".

Lucky for me I phoned my friend first….and it was the best thing I ever did
She was able to remind me of how toxic that decision would have been for me. She calmed me down, held that mirror to me and we were able to talk about what she had taught me in our tea times together about looking at him as a small boy who had no tools, no father figure and no desire to get help. She gave me homework and helped me to find my power. I am forever grateful for friends like these.
By the time I did my homework I was back in my power and all was good.

Life is a series of breakdowns that can become breakthroughs in minutes if you have someone you can talk to. Finding deep friendships that can show you the mirror of yourself and being in a place where you are able and open to look at that mirror are the best friendships women can have.
I see women all the time struggling and I only wish they knew that they don’t have to struggle. They just need to reach out. Every time I ask for help from one of my amazing trustful friends I am reminded that they are able to get the help with what they are going through, by me telling my story of struggle. Their struggles are mine and mine are theirs. Having woo-woo friends that love you, are your cheerleaders and will gently tell you what you need to hear are the most valuable things I could have.
Whenever I find myself in a tough situation, I say OK Universe what are you trying to teach me here? And if I can’t figure it out I call a friend and she gently shares her stories and we figure it out together.
Every day I connect with at least one Powerful woman who is not afraid to share her scars and fears and is willing to stop what she is doing to help a friend. These are not friendships that are one sided. These are deep rooted spiritual friendships where women bare their souls to each other and miracles start to happen on a daily basis.
I am just so grateful for the few amazing women in my life who are exactly where I am. They are powerful women who are not going to sit back and keep telling the same story. They are solution finders and hard workers. They know that the miracles are on the others side of tough stuff and they are willing to break through. They are not victims or whiners. They are true heroes and I am grateful to be surrounded by some amazing super heroes. To all of you, and you know who you are, I honor you, I love you and I thank you for showing the mirror to me and not being afraid to share a part of you with me.

The other epiphany that came to me through my asking for help from women today was that right now I am doing a lot of releasing in my life. And I found through listening to my friends that my flu is all about releasing and in a big way: sweating, pooping and vomiting . I have been working on releasing some stuff that isn’t serving me and was having a hard time with it until I realized today that the Universe is bringing me some drama and illness and showing me that it’s time to let it go in my body physically, emotionally and spiritually. So there is always a gift. Even if you have to be on the toilet with a bucket in your lap to see it….

And yes I have Peppermint oil in my water and Digize on my tummy and of course I am drinking lots of NingXia for all you oilers out there. LOL 






Your Most Valuable Make Up Tip ~ Are you Ready?

Posted on 9 April, 2016 at 0:45 Comments comments (0)

I just learned a valuable make up tip. Are you ready?

For Years, I have been wearing little or no make-up. Mainly because I had no idea how to wear it. The cheap old make-up in my bag was so scary. When I tried to put it on, I looked like either a clown, a different person or it would smudge all over and people would ask me if I had a black eye or I was crying. So I pretty much stuck to a few things: Eyeliner, mascara and a bit of blush.

After healing from my car accident for many years, this butterfly was getting ready to fly. After many years of emotional rollercoasters, illness and fear, I had finally figured out my passion and purpose. I surrounded myself with only amazing people, took risks every day and was on a huge business learning curve. I was ready... Oh wait there was something missing.

That woman I saw who had been on my vision boards for years standing on the stage getting ready to shine was beautiful and confident. I just didn't feel quite like I was her. There was something missing. I think it was confidence or my power. I woke up one morning and looked in my closet. It was full of yoga pants and stained shirts, a couple of dressy tops that really didn't look that good on me and a whole lot of crap. I put on my yoga pants went for my walk. Every time I would walk, I would get a "download" or a message from my Angels. Today it was clear. I was ready for my career. I just needed to "feel" it. I got home and looked in the mirror. I washed my face, dropped my hubby off at work and like a scared little girl I walked into a big department store. I took a deep breath and used my powerful intuition to guide me to a make-up counter. I had no idea of what make-up counter to go to so my body just led me to the one with a woman smiling at me.

She said, how can I help you? I told her that I was 48 years old and had no idea how to wear make-up. I had spent years getting ready for the moment I was in and I knew I was ready but something was blocking me. She sat me down and in such a loving way and she taught me how to wear make-up. She was so patient with me and showed me every step. I looked in the mirror and had a tear in my eye. This was what was missing. I had remembered being on an empowerment call years ago and our homework was to get dressed up before we went out every day for a week. We had to look feminine and wear some lipstick and I remember how great that felt.

The woman, who helped me, smiled and said, there you go, you are ready. I had to walk through the mall to return some items and I felt taller. I walked with confidence. I walked passed mirrors, afraid that I would look "done up" or "like a clown" and I saw a beautiful woman. People were looking at me. Could a little make up do this? Could it make me feel like the powerful woman I already was inside? That night I had a business meeting and a woman came up to me and said wow Heather you look great, did you do something to your hair? I rocked that meeting with so much confidence.

Ready for your tip? Put on your inner make up before your outer make up and show your power to the world. Shine that magnificent light within.

P.S. I got home from that meeting and my make-up was still on. No smudges and looked like it had just been put on me. A valuable lesson: you get what you pay for in make-up.


Stop Counting Calories and Start Counting Chemicals

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My name is Heather and I am responsible for my health. No one else is but me. I can look after my health now or look after disease tomorrow. I choose to look after my health today.


There are so many toxins in our lives and its time to take a stand against them. Stop counting calories and start counting chemicals. Think about what you are eating, breathing, and putting on our skin. If you stop and think about it, it's scary. We were never taught to do this years ago but things are different now. There are hormones in our milk, toxic ingredients in our packaged foods, and toxic ingredients in things like toothpaste, scented candles, soap, perfume, the drugs we take and more.


I ask you to just be aware for one week. It's kind of a challenge. All you need to do is stop counting calories and start counting toxins. Don't change anything you do Just be aware. Look at the labels. Be aware of how you feel after eating packaged foods or how you feel after smelling perfume or scented candles or taking a pill.


And once your week is over you will probably have something really in common with me. You will see that its time to slowly rid our lives of these toxins. Back to basics. Start cooking from scratch. Shop the outer isles of your grocery stores or better yet shop at local farmers markets or whole food stores if you can. And start putting things in your body that feel good.


I am in the process of changing how I treat my body and am looking for others to join me. I want to share what I am learning with others. I want to teach my friends, families, strangers and especially children to reach for oils instead of drugs, I want to teach them to read the labels. I want to teach people to pay attention to what is going into their precious bodies.


Want to join me. I see workshops, support groups, rallies and lots of fun while we share our love of our bodies.




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One day I decided I didn’t want to be in pain anymore. One day I wanted to stop taking toxic prescription drugs. One day I wanted to not be so tired and sleep so much. One day I didn’t want my doctor to prescribe me drugs with side effects. One day I wanted to remove all those over the counter drugs that were jamming my cupboard. One day I wanted to remove the toxins from my home. One day I wanted to stop using toxic chemicals on my pets. I wanted to stop spraying chemicals in my home to make it smell nice. I wanted to stop burning candles that were sending toxins in the air. One day I wanted to help others do the same.


I woke up and realized I could. It wasn’t going to happen overnight but I could do this. I have always read about our body’s ability to heal itself. I knew in my mind it must be possible. Just think about all our amazing bodies can do. We are miraculous beings. We were brought up being taught that if we got sick we could take drugs and they would heal our precious bodies but in fact, our bodies healed themselves. Sometimes the drugs would help but at what cost? What was in those drugs? What kind of side effects were we attaining? What were the toxins doing to our bodies?


So I woke up one day and thought to myself. If I believe I can heal my own body, why do I need drugs? Why do I need to ask my doctor for help when I could learn to speak to my body and listen. So I started on my path to self-love.


So I slowly gave up my drugs and toxins and began a journey of self-love. If I love my precious body, could I heal it? And how? I started researching and came across a lot of articles on this topic. I learned about nutrition and how it was the fuel for our bodies. I learned about keeping our bodies healthy through frequencies and vibrating at a high level. I worked on forgiveness and letting go which were things that kept my frequency low and caused me to be depressed and sick. I sent love to my injured brain every day and stopped injecting poison in it so that I could be relieved of pain. I used essential oils, vitamins and healthy foods to nourish my body. These were my new drugs.


I believed that miracles happen and I believed that I could do anything that I put my mind too, especially if self-love was present. I removed toxic chemicals and people from my world. I walked in nature every day and fell in love with the simple life I had created.


And guess what happened? I no longer have a brain injury. I know longer fight the demons of depression. My former drug cupboard is now full of what I call “love drugs”. Healthy vitamins and essential oils.


I wake up every morning with my heart full of gratitude and a knowing that I can love myself to health. I no longer ask a doctor to heal me. I research, check in with my body and ask it what it needs.


I am a very powerful woman. I can create anything in my life. And I can now share with the world how they can Wake Up and create the life of their dreams.




Secrets to Success ~ Coaching

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I consider my an expert in many things. I also consider myself a great life coach. I have lots of education and experience to make me great at what I do. I help people every day believe in themselves and inspire them to follow their hearts and move forward in this game called life. I truly believe we are all capable of healing our body, mind and soul. I know what it takes to be successful in relationships, health and life in general.


So what does it take to be successful? The number one thing I have learned about being successful is asking for help. I can't do anything alone. And this is the one issues that people find the most difficult.


We all worry about how busy others are or how we might be intruding or bothering them by asking for help. We sometimes worry that if we ask for help it looks bad. It looks like we aren't perfect and we don't know what we are doing. We don't see the value in paying money for a coach, as we "should" know all this stuff. And actually we probably do know most of it. But when we don't have someone to coach us or to be our cheerleader, we really can't be successful.


We all know those monkeys in our brain can start acting up at any moment. They start chattering in our minds and telling us that we aren't going to win. They tell us we aren't successful, we don't deserve this or that we aren't good enough. We work hard to make them go away and some days it is easy, and others days they just won't stop.


When we surround ourselves with people who can support our visions and dreams and help us stay on track we can learn to put those monkeys to sleep for good. The minute they start acting up, we have the tools to shut them down. We can get back on track and know what our next move is. This is true for all kinds of success, whether it is dealing with our relationships or our career.


What is a coach? A coach is a friend, family member or someone you have hired to help you stay on track. A coach can be a sounding board for ideas, someone who knows your patterns and can help you continue your intentions and grow and learn. There are relationship, money, health, business and many other types of coaches.


What makes a good coach? A coach needs to be someone you can trust and someone you can share your ideas with, and who won't make judgments. A coach is someone who you can be accountable too. They should be someone who is successful in the area you need help in. No sense hiring a relationship coach who is in an unsuccessful relationship or a business coach who can't run a business. Although, you would probably want to have a coach who has struggled in these areas and has now figured out the key to success.


So where do you find a coach? There are coaches everywhere. Just google search and you will see. I think that the first thing you want to be clear about is what it is you need. Are you looking at your business or work life and struggling to make it work? Have you been in many relationships that just don't seem to work? Once you have an idea of what area you need help, its important to find the right person. Not every relationship coach is good for you. Do the research. Find out what you can about this person and talk to them. You should get an idea pretty quick if they are a fit. A great coach for me, may not be for you so get to know them and their personality.


I know I need a coach in building my business. I am an extremely hard worker but I have always worked for others. So when it comes to running the show myself, I feel a little weak. And when I am weak, the monkey start chattering. This is how I know that this is the area I need help in.


So today, I am will ask my coaches for help and stay focused. Reach out and ask for help. It doesn't have to cost a dime. We all need support and the best coaches in the world are the ones who learned this skill.


I love coaching women to follow their hearts. I love being their cheerleaders and reminding them of their passion and their intentions. Healthy women are healthy mothers, daughters and coaches.


Just for today, ask for help in one area of your life. And just watch how successful and happy you become.


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You purchase your oil kit and it comes to your door. You are so excited and you start diffusing and smelling...and then you put it all away and never go back to it. It's the same as buying your juicer or some new-fangled fad item. Guess what people these oils will not work if you don’t use them.


Isn’t it time you bought something that you could use every day for the rest of your life. How about something that you could teach your children and grandchildren how to use? Or something that you could help your neighbour who is sick or in pain?


Women love deals, they purchase things on a whim for a quick fix. They buy shakes to lose weight, anti-wrinkle cream to make them prettier, or new purse to make them feel confident.


This makes me so sad. When people contact me and purchase an oil kit, I assure them that these magical oils are the best thing they can buy. I get calls about wanting a quick fix from these oils. Will they help me lose weight? Will they get rid of my wrinkles; will they make me feel pretty and confident?


I tell people, these oils are about self-love. I call them love oils. They are magical, therapeutic grade oils which have amazing chemical properties to help you in so many ways. I want you to just try using them for a week. Put a drop in your water, a drop on your wrists or rub some on your feet or diffuse. Take time smelling the beautiful scents. These oils will get to every cell in your body in minutes. Some of them even pass the blood brain barrier and can get to your brain. Just watch and see your mood change. You start to sleep better at night; the pain in your body starts to go away. You find yourself smiling more. You start looking at other ways to feel good. You start shifting and realizing that chemicals around you give you a headache. You are aware and awake. Then you start looking at ways to help others. You remove the toxic flea treatment from your animals and replace it with the oils; you get rid of the toxic over the counter drugs that are in your cupboard that you once put in your beautiful body and your children’s. You can’t figure out why your depression is lifting and you are starting to feel alive.


People notice something different about you? Your skin is clearer, your hair is shiny, and your smile lights up a room. And then it happens. You realize that you need to share these with everyone around you. You start to do research on why you are feeling so incredibly good. The chemistry class teaches you why the oils do what they do. You find recipes for helping you with specific issues. You bring over little concoctions to your neighbours and teach them what you are learning.


You transform into someone who loves their bodies. You feel so good in your skin that you don’t spend any energy on how you look, just how you feel.


Transformation happens with self-love. These oils are not a quick fix or a fad. Do something for you! You are beautiful. Stop the insanity of shopping for fad items. Start shopping for ways to start loving who you are.


I am an oil mentor. My true desire is to help you to see how amazing you are and that you can heal your body, mind and spirit. You just need some self-love. It comes in a bottle. When I tell you these oils are magical, I am not kidding. Watch who you attract into your life once you start using oils. Your vibration begins to lift and people want to be around you and your beautiful energy. You start sharing, trusting and loving. Your life transforms.


The people I have attracted through the oils are amazing. I have never been healthier in the 47 years I have been on this planet. I wake up every morning ready to start my oil routine and share my vision. I hope you will join me on my vision to see every person vibrating so high that they stop the insanity of fad quick-fixes.


I am here to help you get started on your love journey. Please message me if you are ready for this Transformation. I can’t wait to connect with you and share our oil success stories.


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Yesterday I had an Essential Oil Workshop at my home. I have done quite a few and I am not sure why I don’t have more. Every time I open my home and heart to others I realize that what I have to teach and share is something that will impact so many lives.


I watched the participants learn some things they didn’t know. I shared my amazing stories about how these products have completely changed my life. I shared from my heart with nothing more than a desire for these amazing people to learn how they can impact their family’s lives.


The day I received my Essential oil kit in the mail and smelled my first oil, something happened to me. The hairs on my arms all stood straight up and I got an overwhelming strange feeling. At the time I didn’t know the meaning of it but now I totally know. I was given my life’s purpose. I was shown something that I needed to share with the world.


I was given a gift. A gift that I had been literally begging the Universe to give me for so long. I remember lying in bed in tears at times, asking for help. I would ask for signs to show me how to get healthy and show me what I was here on this planet to do. I would ask nicely and at times I would yell and plead. And then one day, after I was open and ready I was given this box of oils.


When I got that feeling from the oils that first day, I ignored it. I knew that they were going to amazing from that feeling but I made sure that I told myself that I was not going to be selling oils. That was not me. I was not a pushy salesperson and I didn’t want to share and bother others.


So I started one by one using and learning about each of the 11 oils. I was excited about all the research and all the testimonials but wasn’t all in. I couldn’t possibly believe that these oils could do what people were saying. Within weeks my life had changed. I had taken every single drug out of my very full cupboard in my kitchen. I put my precious oils in a Tupperware box and kept them on my island in my kitchen. Any time I would go to reach for a pill or something toxic I would stop and look at my oils. Maybe this could help? Before long my whole family was on board and we watched each other’s lives change before our eyes.


If a close friend or neighbor had any issues come up, I would be at their doorstep with a little concoction to try. I would get a call the next day with a thank you and you won’t believe it but it worked message. And after months of this, I decided it might be time to share with others.


And here I am. I do sell oils. I also promote health. I wake up with excitement every morning knowing that I am teaching people how to take back their health. I coach people on looking at different way to enhance their lives than what they had been taught as children.


I cry happy tears when I hear of stories of people using these oils on their children and hearing the sound of a child ask their mommy for a drop of oil instead of drug makes my heart explode with love.


So I didn’t really listen to the Universe when it gave me the oils at first. But I wasn’t quite ready at the time. I was open to trying them and open to sharing and now I am open to letting the world know that this is my business. I sell oils but I do much more than that. I teach people how to love their bodies so much that they choose not to put toxins in them. There are alternatives and it is my job to teach people about them. You wouldn’t believe how many people don’t know that there are other options besides drugs and toxic cleaners to use.


I adore my job. Thank you Universe for showing me that I am here to change the world one drop at a time.