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"There was a very pretty and sweet woman from Nanaimo BC whom I met at Solstice last year, possibly in her late 30s or early 40s.  She was offering Tarot readings out on a picnic blanket at the edge of the glen, near the healing yurt one day during that gathering.  I'm wondering if she was a friend of yours and possibly among the women who are coming to visit you.  I'd love to have you pass on a message to her, if you happen to know of whom I was speaking, and if she is indeed visiting you soon.

She did a wonderful reading for me, where I drew 3 cards.  When she intuitively read them for me, she felt the first one signified that it was a good time to prepare to meet a very special man.  Of course I've been preparing my whole life, but had moved to a new level of inner work in preparation, since Mike.  The second card indicated I would meet him this winter.  And the third one instructed me to truly BE MYSELF.  This was very exciting, and the message about being myself was very important for me as a "people pleaser" type that has had a difficult time in life learning what my true and authentic self expression is!!!  This reminded me of the utmost importance in intimacy, to be utterly true to myself!  She then chatted with me about how she met her husband and their relationship unfolded.  She was very dear and encouraging.

Needless to say I've thought of this reading SO many times since then, before I met Dan, and of course since.  I've even shared with many friends about it, since it appears to "have come true."  Michelle, if you have an opportunity to pass on my deep gratitude to this lovely woman, for her insightful reading and encouragement, it would mean a lot to me! "

- Wendolyn


"My life has changed for the better after Heather introduced me to Young Living. To see a blood test that's has been abnormal for 10 years to now being in the "Normal Range". Amazing.

I have been able to get rid of the majority of toxins in my home thanks to YL. I now make all of my own oily products and can solve health issues as they come up and help other people with theirs as well. Heather is fantastic and shares many new recipes and ideas to keep us all inspired and creating and trying new things. Thanks for all you do!   Natalie

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When I started over a year ago to transition our family to a more natural household (chemical free) I never realized where that journey would take me. It was a divine meeting with Heather Clark that helped shape that direction into a more healthy and conscious lifestyle. When I got up this morning sneezing and feeling a little under the weather I went straight to my essential oils. I use them daily (usually during or after a shower) but on days like these I add a few more to the collection. I am so grateful for my connection with Heather and diving into essential oils, the amazing power of these little bottles blow me away! Have a wonderful day everyone, I am going to tuck into this thieves tea and see what the day brings. Heather W.